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Duluth Programs and Enrollment Options: Programs

Program Options

6 weeks to 16 months

Our Infant Program is centered around each individual child’s development. Our skilled teachers will work to meet important milestones of development through various interactions, including but not limited to language stimulation through talk, motor skill development through play, and tummy time!

Staff Ratio: 1 to 4


Infant Program

Toddler Program

16 months to 33 months

Our Toddler Program provides children with age-appropriate learning experiences through group teaching, hands-on activities, and learning through play. We combine the Experience Toddler curriculum with elements of literacy, math, pre-writing, art, music, STEM and so much more!

Staff Ratio: 1 to 7


Preschool Program

33+ months

Our Preschool Program builds upon skills and concepts learned within our Toddler Program by delving deeper into key learning areas. The Experience Preschool curriculum provides our students with a variety of relevant daily topics and activities to enrich all areas of learning. This, in combination with hand crafted daily lesson plans, creates an engaging learning experience for your child to enjoy!

Staff Ratio: 1 to 10

Kids in Preschool



Our Duluth location only offers a full-time enrollment option at this time. Full-time enrollment provides full-day care all 5 days of the week.

Duluth Programs and Enrollment Options: List
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